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Smash Ultimate, and 2019

Part three of my turn-of-year recap. Smash Ultimate Since DPOTG, I have played Melee once. For 20-30 minutes. The rest of the time, I’ve been playing Smash Ultimate. The full month I went without playing Melee is maybe the longest I have gone without playing in years. I quite literally cannot remember the last time […]

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Don’t Park on the Grass

Part two of my “end-of-2018, beginning of 2019” review. Part one was my Summit write-up. Don’t Park on the Grass 2018 I decided at the last minute to attend DPOTG. I was free that weekend and wanted to be at the first big Ultimate tourney. Another big draw for me was that SFAT agreed to […]

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I Am A Free Agent

Hello everyone! As the title indicates, I am now a free agent. I’ll get all the basics out of the way, and then talk a bit more about my where my journey as an ~esports guy~ is taking me. First of all, VGBC and I are parting on amicable terms. My priorities, as well as […]

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