April Thoughts – The Games I’m Playing

I haven’t registered for EVO yet. I have my passes for Sunday finals, but I haven’t actually followed through on registration. And that’s because I’m not sure what events I’m entering quite yet. I will be entering Melee for sure. Melee has and will continue to be my primary focus when it comes to improving […]

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April Thoughts – Pound

I haven’t written a post since the night before Pound 2016, and a lot has happened. So in this post I’ll lay out my thoughts on a bunch of things. Fun! ***This started as one post, but I had a lot more to say than initially expected, so I’ll be making a series of posts […]

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You know that feeling of butterflies in your stomach? I used to get that before every tournament I entered. In 2005, I was still 11 years old and could only go to a few tournaments every year, so each one was a big deal. In the last few years, however, I found myself going to […]

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