I Am A Free Agent

Hello everyone! As the title indicates, I am now a free agent. I’ll get all the basics out of the way, and then talk a bit more about my where my journey as an ~esports guy~ is taking me. First of all, VGBC and I are parting on amicable terms. My priorities, as well as […]

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Beyond the Summit

NOTE: This is the first post I’m releasing alongside the launch of my Patreon page. I’ll be keeping it simple. All content on will remain free for everyone. The Patreon is just for people who want to help support my writing and incentivize me to write more. You can find details on PREFACE: I’ve […]

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Brief Musings as Summer Begins

This post will provide brief thoughts on a few topics. I wrote it today on the plane back from AZ. It’s a quickie. Here goes. VGBC | Rishi: First things first – I have officially changed my tag from “SmashG0D” to just my first name: Rishi. It rhymes with “Fishy.” Tell your friends, spam it […]

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SSBMRank 2016

Brief context for anyone out of the loop: at the end of every year, the list of the world’s top 100 Melee player comes out. It is decided upon by a group of over 50 panelists, and the list is released over the course of three week. Here are spots 70-61, released on the day […]

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