Brief Musings as Summer Begins

This post will provide brief thoughts on a few topics. I wrote it today on the plane back from AZ. It’s a quickie. Here goes.

VGBC | Rishi:

First things first – I have officially changed my tag from “SmashG0D” to just my first name: Rishi. It rhymes with “Fishy.” Tell your friends, spam it in Twitch chat. The most common pronunciation mistake is “ree-shee,” but if you remember “Rishi Fishy” or something like that, it should be easy.

Why have I changed my tag, you might ask? Some have speculated that the name change was contingent on my signing with the pro team at VGBootCamp. On the contrary, Aposl encouraged me to keep my tag as “SmashG0D,” and GimR had no real preference. Changing my tag to Rishi was something I had been considering for a while, and I thought that my signing with VGBC would be a good opportunity to take advantage of a moment’s publicity to spread the word.

My main reason is practicality – people misspell “SmashG0D” as “Smash God,” “SmashGod,” and “Smash G0D.” I’m pretty picky about the exact spelling, but I can’t control how the name ends up on social media, so it became harder than necessary to find me. I want to streamline everything moving forward. Some people suggested that I just change my name to “SmashGod” and drop the 0… but that’s a dumb tag, right?! The zero makes it way cooler. Definitely.

In any case, I am officially Rishi (like ‘Fishy’) now. I’ll miss the SmashG0D memes and copypastas but I’m sure you guys can come up with new ones :P.

I’ve been a free agent for a long time now. I signed with Haven eSports a couple of years ago, but it was a start-up that never really gained any ground and ultimately evaporated. So for all intents and purposes, this is the true start to my esports career. What this means for me moving forward is a better ability to travel to events and support my smash career. The added legitimacy and exposure of VGBC will help keep me top of mind, which actually matters. The more well-known you are, the better practice you tend to get. It’s just kind of how things work. Just like everything in life, networking is how you get anywhere in life. I’m definitely glad I held out until now – I’d had a few other offers on the table, but recognizing one’s own worth is important, and ultimately pays off.

SSBMRank Summer 2017:

I stated in my Yahoo Esports (RIP) interview with Tafo that one of my goals this year was to establish myself in the top 40, and break into the top 30. As of today, I am officially (barely) top 40, which is pretty cool. But to anyone that doesn’t know my opinion on rankings like this, I would refer you to an earlier post on this blog where I talk about SSBMRank 2016 (

The gist of it is that I view rankings as a summary of your results up to a point. I think Tafo’s system works pretty well, but there are always biases when you have panelists. At the end of the day, I trust the SSBMRank more than I would a Glicko or ELO system, because it’s hard to account for a lack of overlap in results. But some players will inherently be overranked or underranked due to exposure bias. The classic example is West Coast bias, which does not actually mean that West Coast panelists are overranking their own players – it means that West Coast players tend to be more visible in the smash scene for whatever reason. But that’s just an example. It happens in both directions all across the board.

Honestly the best part of the SSBMRank update is that I can now lay claim to the title of #1 Brown Smasher, a title formerly held by Prince “Farming HugS86” Abu. I didn’t even notice until he messaged me about it. Kappa. And shoutouts to the other smashers in MD/VA who are on that hard grind: lloD, Zain, Chillin, and Junebug. The former three landed spots in the top 50 as well, and Junebug will be a household name once he’s attended a few majors this year and early 2018. I guarantee it. In fact, I predict, if Junebug attends SSC, Shine, BH7, Genesis, and a couple others, he’ll be in contention for top 50 by summer 2018 at the very latest. He probably already has the skill level for it, but it’s easy to say that about a lot of players. The fact of the matter is that you have to make a couple upsets before you get decent seeding at any major, and then you can go far enough to make a name for yourself and get the exposure you need.

Summer Events:

I was sad to miss out on Royal Flush, as was lloD. He was graduating from college that weekend, which is cool I guess. At least we both made it to Smash’n’Splash. It was a slightly underwhelming tournament for me. It was run well and it was fun, but I didn’t make any big wins that I wanted, and lost early in losers to Kels. Kels is really good, and the fact that he’s my “worst” loss at a major isn’t too shabby for 2017. But I said the same thing about Colbol last time! Can’t let myself slip. Time to get back on top.

It’s okay though. I got to let lloD and Zain have their time to shine. lloD had a close game 5 set with Axe, and I honestly thought he was going to win. If he’d beaten Axe, his next opponent was Duck. Not to take away from Duck’s skill or preparation, but lloD has beaten Duck the last two times they played, so the odds would be slightly in his favor. But alas, lloD lost to Axe, then beat Android before losing to Wizzrobe in losers. He actually played sick against Wizzy. I’ve typically considered lloD to be weaker at the Falcon matchup, but he beat Smuckers earlier this year (apparently Smuckers doesn’t really lose to Peach players), and the practice showed through in his play. I have the recording on my phone… I suppose I should upload that at some point.

Zain beat Leffen, too. I guess that’s pretty cool. Heh. We all knew he could do it. Zain is a monster versus spacies. My heart stopped when Leffen shined Zain last stock on game 5, but some miracle brought Zain back to the stage. Chillin finally broke his rough streak, too, getting some wins on the board after a shaky start to 2017. He just beat dizzkidboogie again, followed by a victory over his brand new teammate teammate (yes, I meant to say that twice) ChuDat. Hoping to see that momentum carry through.

Next up for me is EVO. After that, everything is TBD. I have to make a major-ish life decision tomorrow (more on that later) that will significantly affect the course of my next few months. As of now, I’m certainly hoping to get to SSC and Shine. GOML is looking less likely at this point, unfortunately. Definitely BH7. Man, there are too many majors.

That’s all for now. Short and sweet. I’ll talk more about my actual gameplay and preparation and such in another post after EVO, probably.



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