Thanks for checking out my bl0g! My name is Rishi, commonly known in the gaming community as “SmashG0D.” I’ve been playing smash competitively in all its forms since 2005, and I have a passion for writing. On this bl0g, I aim to provide high-level discussion on competitive gaming, and my musings on a variety of related topics. If you like what you read and want to support me, follow the bl0g (in the bottom-right hand corner), and check out my TwitterTwitch, and YouTube. I also have a Patreon!

If you’re interested in more gameplay-oriented content, check out my articles on where I’m the Lead Smash Writer. Here are the links:

Implementing Pivots in Melee

Max Yield: Princess Peach

Max Yield: Falco

The Art of Aerial Drift

Max Yield: Falcon

The Corner – Part 1: Fighting From Center

And for those of you who are looking for even more content to consume, I’m a co-host of a smash-focused podcast called ‘analog’! Feel free to check it out – you can find our links to SoundCloud, YouTube, and iTunes on the Twitter page.

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