Summit Voting Incentives

IMPORTANT LINKS: Voting, Discord, Twitch

  • 50+ votes: Netplay/IRL set
  • 100+ votes: Match analysis
  • 200+ votes: Two match analyses + structured feedback
  • 300+ votes: Ironman Match!
  • 500+ votes: Coaching
  • 1000+ votes: Guest on ‘analog’

Please fill out this form if you want to redeem any incentives! You can edit your response later if you get more votes, so feel free to fill it out now: VOTING FORM

NOTE: Redeeming an incentive includes the previous rewards. So if you spend 200+ votes and want match analysis, you’ll also earn the Netplay rewards (you can also have me analyze our Netplay set!).

ANOTHER NOTE: If you want to redeem an incentive for a friend, you can! Just let me know. This might interest people whose friends want coaching.

NETPLAY REWARDS – These will give us a chance to play each other! We can either play for fun (i.e. you can *try* to take down my DK) or we can play a serious set to test your skills (i.e. you can *try* to take down my DK…… or Marth).

Netplay set: Best-of-5 on netplay, your choice of matchup. If connection isn’t strong, then we can try to reschedule during a tournament we’re both at!

ANALYSIS REWARDS – If you’re serious about improving, I will do my best to help you out. I have put out tons of video and written analysis content, but this would be analysis specifically geared toward helping you, as an individual, reach your potential!

Match analysis: In-depth match analysis of a set of your choice (doesn’t have to be of your own gameplay). I’ve been doing in-depth match analysis for years and feel very confident in my ability to help players learn about the game and improve. I recently uploaded a very detailed analysis I did of my set with Zain at Big House, which you can find here: ME VS ZAIN

Two match analyses + structured feedback: In-depth match analyses of two sets, your choice. I will also provide structured feedback in the form of written notes or a 1-on-1 conversation over Discord or in-person (your choice). For most players, I think it would be most helpful for me to provide feedback in the form of “maximum yield” – so the aspects of your gameplay I think you should work on in order to improve most efficiently. I’ve written a bunch of articles with this concept in mind. See these character guide examples: Falco, Peach, Falcon.

NOTE: Because you also receive the Netplay reward if you go for match analysis, I’ll be more than happy to analyze the set that you and I play together.

IRONMAN MATCH! – If you know me, you know I take pride in being able to play multiple characters and being the Iron Man Master. This will give you a chance to fight 5 of my characters with any of your 5 (you can pick the same 5 if you only play one). If you don’t want to do an Ironman but still want to play, we can talk about alternatives!

HIGH ROLLERS – For people who go above and beyond, I want to thank you for your support.

Coaching: I’ve already mentioned the analysis I’m offering with these rewards, but to actually take you on as a student is another story. To anyone interested in having me as a coach, I will guarantee long-lasting improvement. We won’t stop at actual gameplay and analysis – we will talk through your mental approach to competing, evaluating and achieving your goals, and how you prepare for and perform at tournaments. We will focus on a few specific tournaments and I’ll help you track your results and refine your goals. I’ve done a lot of reading and writing on my own on the experience of competing, largely to improve myself and to help others. You can read the other posts on this bl0g to see for yourself.

Coaching is a very personal endeavor and I’m willing to scale the extent of my coaching based on the number of votes and the ambition of the player using them. I’ll be more than happy to discuss details with anyone really interested in taking this on.

These rewards are transferable, so if you want to use your incentive on a friend you think could benefit from coaching, you can!

Guest on ‘analog’: The ‘analog’ podcast is one of the endeavors I’m most proud of. Zane (@epengu) and I talk about tournaments, the Melee meta, and, most importantly in my view, the important issues facing our community. I’m proud to use my platforms to combat toxicity, harassment, and discrimination, and I work my absolute hardest to ensure the smash community is safe and welcoming for all. We’ve had many great conversations with listeners already, and now we’re offering a chance for you to join our conversation on air. If you want to spend some time on the show talking to us about issues important to you, or even if you just to shoot the shit with us, this is how!


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