Shots Fired Intermission

I was going to write a post last night after day 1 of Shots Fired 2, but found myself too tired. It is currently the morning of day 2, I’m ready to go, and lloD is in the shower… so this post will be brief. We’re heading back to the venue soon because lloD is in top 32 winners of Project M singles. I won’t be playing for a little while (Melee winners first, then sm4sh losers).

So day 1 of SF2 was actually pretty fun. The power went out on all the melee setups early in the day, which I thought was hilarious, but the tournament had not yet started so it was fine. Pools are run a little haphazardly, and there have been a great deal of DQs, but overall it’s fine.

I made it into top 32 of Melee from the winners side. Today I’ll play Jflex round 1, and then we’ll see. I’m looking forward to it. I made it into top 32 of sm4sh through losers, which was kind of interesting. Initially I was seeded 5th in my pool behind Ranai(1), Tweek(2), Seibrik(3), and Snakeee(4). They ended up switching my seed with Snakeee… but we still ended up playing in the same spot because 4th and 5th seeds play in quarters. I actually lost game 1 of my round 1 with Corrin. I switched to Kirby and took the set. Perhaps it was because that was the first sm4sh I’d played all day after several hours of melee… but no johns ;).

I beat Snakeee’s Rosa and Corrin in quarters with my Corrin, after which I went on to play Ranai. Obviously Ranai is amazing at this game, but I sort of had a game plan going in. I knew that Corrin would be able to combo Villager decently, and that my extended range would be a great benefit. Somehow I managed to take game 1, but lost in a very close game 3. I have reviewed the set and know what I should have done better to win game 3, but it’s easier to look back and critique than it is to actually play perfectly in the moment. All in all, I’m happy with how I played vs. Ranai. During the set, a great deal of my energy was spent remaining in the zone and keeping calm in the face of such a renowned player, a crowd, and a stream. The key is to remember that we’re playing the same game, and anyone is beatable.

Yesterday was a bit wild overall – running between three different events, not eating between 9am and 8pm, dealing with questionable smells… that was all rough. But it was nice getting to chill with people, meeting fans, and playing a lot of smash. Today, the name of the game is patience. There is less to keep track of throughout day 2, so I’ll be focusing on my strengths.

Okay lloD is out of the shower, so we’re gonna head to the venue. Ciao for now!


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